Pure Oneness - 3rd Monday's $20

Gong + Somatic Movement + Yoga Nidra

Every 3rd Monday of the Month 

6-7:30 PM

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Three Practices Combined for the Ultimate Experience

Gong Sound Immersion:

 feel vibrations and waves of sound as every single cell in your body is immersed, soothing the nervous system, creating a state of deep ease, inviting healing energies.  

Somatic Movement

 : tuning into the sensations in the physical body, the holder of all experiences, you move into the sensations with intention, feeling fully, resisting nothing.  

Yoga Nidra


guided meditation takes you to a point just above and below sleep where your body can experience true relaxation and the brain slows down


  • Disrupt stress responses common to our modern world.
  • Invite the brain to Delta or Theta brain wave state decrease heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.
  • Depart tuned, at peace and connected to Source.