MONDAY, May 20th ALL NEW Yoga Nidra +Movement +Gong

Effortless Immersive Experience: movement, sound, meditation


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ALL NEW EXPERIENCE - Monday, May 20th, 6-7:30 PM
• Disrupt stress responses common to our modern world.

• Move to the Delta/Theta brain wave state; decrease  heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.

• Feel aligned, at peace and connected to Source.

Yoga Nidra:  guided meditation takes you to a point just above sleep where your body can experience true relaxation and the brain can slow down.
Somatic Movement: tuning into the sensations in the physical body with intention, the holder of all experiences, feeling fully, resisting nothing.
Gong Sound Immersion: feel vibrations and waves of sound as every single cell in your body is immersed, soothing the nervous system, inviting deep ease and healing.

Accessible to all; chairs provided if helpful for your experience @ our home; near Echo Canyon  $20  RSVP