The Basics

Rhonda is a certified Body Psychology/Yoga Therapist in the Amrit energy method. She has personally experienced profound shifts via Yoga Therapy and also had the honor of being a conduit for these changes in others. She is extensively trained and experienced in guiding body/mind/heart/soul practices. This training includes an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and guiding thousands of hours of classes. She also offers Yoga Nidra, Healing Sound Baths using Crystal Singing Bowls and Gong, Reiki, Deep Listening/Spiritual Direction, Yoga classes and other healing, connecting modalities. Rhonda's business career in leading teams within the corporate areas of marketing, along with earning an MBA, underscore the importance of connecting with that peaceful presence within daily. This is what allowed her to show up fully and in a meaningful way in high pressure corporate settings for over 25 years.  


Spiritual Direction

Who Am I?


....is a question I ask again and again. Maybe the better question is why do I think I can help – maybe I can and maybe I cannot as I do not have all the answers and I find that as my days are added to my life, there is less and less certainty about the answers. 

The focus, instead, is on asking the questions and then listening to what is said, helping to hear between the words what the heart is whispering. 

That is deep listening and is embedded in spiritual direction, coaching, and creating intentionality for Yoga Nidra (deeply nourishing and profoundly relaxing guided mediation). I loosely define my role these days as that of tranquility guide

Each moment of our life journey is unique and having a tranquility guide along the way helps smooth over the crooked path. this guide must be one with whom there is trust and rapport – and will change over time. I may be the right guide for you at this moment, I may not be. we can explore that together to see if there is a fit. If not, I may be able to suggest others who might be just the fit that will be helpful.

   Journeying the second phase of life results in some awareness of being, with anticipation that this will deepen with time aside and present intent.     

Why Guide?


In this phase of my journey, I feel beckoned to provide support and share the wisdom that has been obtained, while knowing there is always more to learn.  

My fees are based on a sliding scale and need not be a barrier to access. My exploration and journey has been blessed and inspired with brilliant teachers who have guided me. I desire to share some of this with others. My inspiration is in helping the world become more peace-filled, person by person, moment by moment.   

I am an ongoing student of spiritual practices, including those of the yogic, Christian and other traditions that encourage peace, connection and transformation. I also offer these practices in various modalities.   

My formal training includes: Deep Listening through Pathways, Integrative Coaching through Integrative Wellness, Advanced Amrit Yoga Nidra through Kamani Desia, Yoga Training through Inner Vision, Reiki level I & II, various workshops plus the degrees earned during my 20+ years working as a leader in corporate America, primarily in marketing and research, which include an MBA and BS (Agricultural Engineering) from Arizona State University. I have also led more than 1000 hours of yoga classes. I welcome the opportunity to explore with you if what is offered will support you on your journey.    

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