release energy blockages, deepen connection-yoga therapy & sound immersion

“Evenness of mind is called Yoga” 

release energy blockages, deepen connection-yoga therapy & sound immersion

“Evenness of mind is called Yoga” 

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connecting to light and joy

"we are all walking each other home" Ram Dass


the offerings of yoga therapy, personalized healing sound baths, customized yoga Nidra, and spiritual direction represent my underlying passion - to nurture, nourish and guide so openings can occur and a deeper connection to Source happens. 

I am passionate about mentoring others and myself, to connect with the  light and joy that is always there, and sometimes buried so deep we simply need a mirror to help in the discovery journey 

sharing 'whisploring' (wisdom + exploration) 

designed to support and guide you as you journey towards experiencing wholeness and balance, within a moment, choice by choice. 

perhaps then these moments will string together and life will seem less chaotic. that place of inner awareness, of stillness, of knowing, will be heard through the din of daily life.   

and then we know we have, for a moment,  found "perfect evenness of being"    


rest in a guided relaxation after practicing breath to help you find that even state of being  

explore one of many experiential offerings regularly offered 

let me know how I can support along your journey towards even being   

offerings & services


Yoga Basics for Everyone  4:30-5:30 PM  April 15th   RSVP $12 per class. 

Pure ONENESS= Yoga Nidra+ Somatic Moevement + Gong  6-7:30PM April 15th  RSVP $20

Healing Sound Bath  May 6 6-7 PM - 1st Monday's  with gong & crystal singing bowls.  $15. 


Yoga Therapy 3 Class Series -   Saturday’s May 11, 18 & 25. 10:45-12:15 AM

I AM Yoga TherapyTM uses wall and prop assisted poses to help you move into areas of stiffness, tension, tightness, and pain in the body. This class is a facilitated yoga therapy group class, working with the imbalances and blockages of energy within the body. You will hold specific poses for longer periods of time, combined with facilitated dialogue and closing with yoga Nidra. 

Restorative Sound Immersion - Sat. April 13th 1-3:30 PM 

Balance mind, body & soul!  During this time, you will rest deeply in the vibrations of gong and tune into the supportive and clearing tones of singing bowls. Our practice will include guided breath, gentle, supportive and opening poses  plus you can choose to receive Reiki during the experience.

Sink into the level of being beneath the swirl of the mind and the physicality of the body. This is a beautiful way to find your sacred inner space in our constantly changing world and leave ready to embrace all that the next phase has to offer. You will leave feeling tuned, aligned, open and vibrant. Walk in $35. 

Weekly yoga in Phoenix classes at Metta Yoga- 9 AM Mondays - Energy Flow, 5:45PM  Tuesdays - Aerial Restorative + Nidra  5:45 PM Thursdays - Restorative + Nidra, 12:30 PM Friday - Restorative, 9AM Saturday  Aqua Yoga.  Check schedule for updates. 

yoga therapy/ body psychology sessions, spiritual direction,  in Phoenix yoga therapy in Phoenix , crystal singing bowl alignment, gong, Reiki, and yoga nidra - by appointment  offered privately and at Pathways of Grace in phoenix/scottsdale or  Spiritual Direction voga nidra 

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