Yoga Therapy is Body Psychology


Private & Customized For Each Individual

Yoga Therapy works with the body as an access point to work with the visible effects of invisible causes.

I AM Yoga Therapy® Amrit Yoga Institute 

Yoga Therapy/Body Psychology is a powerful way to connect with your body, release subtle energy blocks held as beliefs and impressions, and reduce stress while increasing energy. This allows you to live more from even being and balance.

Feel your body move easier both during your day-to-day life activities and your high-intensity activities. 

Relieve stress on joints

Improve range of motion and mobility

Increase blood flow & circulations

Reduce stiffness, pain & inflammation

The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Therapy® is a total body stretch and energy opener. It uses wall, prop and assisted poses to help you move into areas of stiffness, constriction and tightness and pain that you normally avoid. Avoiding areas of tension keeps the tightness intact and allows the body to continue to build up tension and exacerbates misalignments in the body.

Much of the pain and discomfort we experience is because of these structural misalignments that could be addressed by a intentionally moving and stretching the body through its full range of motion. By holding the body in various positions for longer periods of time, combined with breath and meditative facilitation, we can move into these areas and gently and effectively release them.

The Experience

Consider time for you to release and tune-in to your needs as you receive a session based specifically on your needs. This invites you to be with what shows up in sacred space being held just for you. Yoga Therapy is personalized, guided and directed giving you physical and transformational results more quickly than a series of yoga classes. It is available to those with limited mobility and those who do not practice yoga. 

While each experience is different, following the session people report that they feel lighter, with more energy, relaxed, less stressed, with a renewed sense of ease and increased range of motion. 

What is a session like?

During the private one-on-one session, I will facilitate and guide the experience based specifically on the needs of you, the receiver. The receiver communicates when the movement is enough, and where the body is feeling the movement. As the receiver, the opportunity is to relax and be with what shows up in sacred space being held just for you. While each session and experience is different, following the session people report that they feel lighter, with more energy, relaxed, and with a restored sense of peace and being at ease with what appears. 

A series of sessions is suggested to help release deep seated trauma and holding. 

This approach is available to all, including those with limited mobility. Wear non-restrictive clothing.



Yoga therapy was a very calming and relaxing time for me. Rhonda’s directions and continued rapport throughout the session were simple and easy to understand. I experienced a neat “mental buzz “ towards the end of my session that left me feeling quite refreshed. And the session had me feeling physically better  as well. I look forward to future yoga therapy!


Rhonda’s Yoga therapy provided a safe environment to “notice”; notice my body’s response to posing, notice held areas of tension, notice what happens with relaxation, and notice my thoughts and feelings.  I further appreciated the opportunity to then verbally process these noticings with the quiet Presence that Rhonda provides. Truly an amazing experience.


To my amazing Yoga Therapist @rhondavroman who taught me to sit in my body and give myself permission to forgive myself, to know that little girl me is safe now, and for letting me see my true self. Thanks a million times over. 


A. when asked why she is here - “I have seen such changes in D. and when I asked him what was doing this he replied '2 words: yoga therapy.'” 


Hello Yoga Therapy! I had an unbelievable experience with Rhonda this afternoon. .... The movement, meditation, and energy combination was so therapeutic. I'm highly anticipating the next session and was so very grateful for this time.


I want to thank you again for yesterday’s yoga therapy session. It really had a strong impact on me. For the first time in months I woke up today and didn’t snooze for an hour and a half. I actually wanted to get up and start my day, instead of my usual I just want to stay in bed and sleep attitude.


Just wanted to say how much better I felt throughout the following days. A lot more light and positive. Thank you!


The most important part of the session was the deep breathing and the initial body work you did to get me in the right space to open my heart and mind. The highlight was where your questioning took me. It ended up being a very visual experience for me - shockingly so - and that helped move my mind and heart greatly.


I made more progress in a single session than in the past three years of on/off counseling.


I am so grateful for our powerful work together. Still processing. Thank you for the soft divine mother space you hold❣Holy Shift!


I am feeling more open, less resistant, and not as reactive to negative daily events and people… the experience helped me become more of an observer to witness my mental flow of energy both negative and positive. 


It was beyond amazing. My body is feeling amazing and so is my spirit, just amazing.


I love the energy and calmness you’ve instilled in my life. I keep reading the card that says I am enough! 


The change and shifts since I began working with you has been transformative. 

So humbling and kind of lonely to be going through these changes; people that we thought would be there are not. It is like I am sobering up and seeing life a little differently.  Becoming self-aware enough where I can pick up PTSD moments; energetically paying attention to it. 

Seen biggest lift offs from last year to this year; thank you! 


Determined ‘cause’ of pain in a place in body that had been there on and off since 2014; she sought multiple medical opinions none were able to help. Yoga therapy allowed her to release this nagging intermittent pain. 

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Single Yoga Therapy Session

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All sessions are 80-90 minutes in length. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid a heavy meal an hour before your appointment.  Partial scholarships are available. 


Six Yoga Therapy Sessions

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Suggested when focusing on a specific issue or seeking resolution. All sessions are 80-90 minutes in length. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid a heavy meal an hour before your appointment. Sessions must be scheduled and received with three months of purchase.  Partial scholarships are available.