Spiritual Retreat in Sedona Sept. 26-29, 2019


Explore Parts Forgotten: Uncovering Your Inner Child

 Beneath the layers of should and should nots, do and do nots, is the brilliance of you, your inner child. Peel back layers during this 3 day retreat immersion as you set aside time to explore and embrace that which is real and release that which is not your true essence. 

You will depart with a personal intention, open heart, feeling lighter, and equipped to shine more brilliantly. To be I AM! 

The journey will include:

 · Effortless meditations via yoga Nidras

· Creative play

· Healing sound baths 

· Sacred sharing

· Freeing energy blockages

· Gentle stretching and opening via slow flow and restorative yoga 

· Walking meditation 

· Open space to walk, explore, hike and journey

· Being 


This is for you IF you are ready to invest resources in you, exploring habitual patterns that get in the way of you being the bright, bold, brilliant being you are created to BE. It will not be easy, and it will be worth the journey.      

I am amazed at how the practices that will be offered have opened me to live more fully and with less fear, more open heart. I have also witnessed this with others and it is powerful. My intention for retreatants is to hold space for each person as an individual, the group as a collective whole, and to trust the experience that is received to be exactly what each person needs during this time. The trust you will place in me is considered an honor and one that I hold with humility, showing up no more and no less than I AM. 

Intrigued? Please Read Before Deciding



Meals are included. These meals will be balanced, vegetarian or vegan based, and many of the ingredients organic. Gluten free options will be available. 

Fasting for 12 or more hours (7pm to 7am) is encouraged. 

Breakfast will be self serve – fruits, cereal, oatmeal, bread, jam and peanut/ almond butter – type of approach. 

Lunch may be the heavier meal in honoring that time when our bodies are most prepared to digest and absorb nutrients. This might include some of the following: stir fry with tofu or tempeh for protein, grilled veggies, grains, salad and fruit. Possibly a vegetarian or vegan dessert. 

Dinner maybe be soup and salad or soup and sandwiches if lunch is heavier. 

Nuts, fruit and other snacks will be available at any time. 

Beverages provided include coffee, tea, iced tea, and filtered water. If you would like to have wine or beer, you may bring your own. 

There is also a second refrigerator in the garage should there be specific food staples you prefer to bring with you. 

Please alert me to meal preferences and dietary restrictions so you can be fully at ease with options during your experience.  

Intimate Experience


 One on One 

During the retreat, there may be shadows that you are seeing where having a safe space to unpack and review is valuable. To support you in this, I will be available to meet with you privately for at least 20-25 minutes. The sign ups for this will be first come and set up in a common area. I encourage you to take advantage of this, even if it is for a mini private yoga therapy experience.  

Cell Phones and Quiet Time 

There will be a basket in the kitchen to leave your cell phone. This is not required and is strongly encouraged to enhance your experience. You can provide family with my number should you need to be contacted for an emergency. 

We will honor silence from 10 pm to about 10 am. During this type of retreat, this allows you time to be with yourself and your experience, relieves the pressure of conversation, and allows you to more readily journey inward. You may consider longer periods of silence and there will be a sticker you put on so others know not to engage in conversation. 

Journaling is encouraged. Reading of books and magazines is not so please limit or avoid. Consider not bringing them when packing to reduce the temptation to distract yourself with this material. 


Plan on arriving as early as 4:30 pm and not later than 5:30 pm on Thursday Sept. 26th.  If later arrival is anticipated, let me know. 

The locations will be available not later than 4:30pm on Thursday, the 26th and departure not earlier than 10am on Sunday, the 29th. We may be able to obtain earlier access of Thursday and depart later on Sunday if the unit is not rented; you will be notified of this prior to your departure. 

You may want to take the route through Cottonwood to avoid congestion at 89A and 179 in Sedona.

Intention/ Decision Considerations


In order for this spiritual retreat experience to be a fully immersive experience, it is important that you understand the intention is to move deeper in your essence and this requires work that is not easy. This is also why this is not called a ‘yoga retreat’ and instead is a ‘spiritual retreat.’ 

Anytime we do inner work, we are moving towards our spirit. Your experience is therefore designed to be spiritually focused and intended to be religion neutral. Because my training and experiences are yogic (Amrit/ Kripalvanada oriented) and my upbringing Christian, some language may be used based on these genres. If the language is not understood, please let me know.  

If you are looking for a retreat where there is a yoga class offered a couple times a day and then your schedule is open, this is not for you. There will be time in the afternoons for hiking or sitting in nature, weather permitting. And, a significant portion of your time will be involved in the carefully designed program of examination of who you really are. While participation in the program offerings is encouraged, it is also understood that there may be times when you choose to take a break to allow for processing. 

I am here to support you in the decision making process as to if this spiritual retreat will support you, and to answer questions you might have. Please contact me via email or text and we will schedule a time to connect via phone. 

Possible Schedule; (subject to adjustment prior to and during the retreat)

While the schedule will change, following is a sample of what this might look like:

7am Practice that concludes with yoga Nidra 

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Discussion + yoga therapy

11:30 Sound immersion 

12:00 Lunch 

12:45 Open time + one-on-one meetings 

4:30 Yoga therapy

6:30 Dinner 

7:30 Practice/ sound/ yoga Nidra 

9pm Open time

10pm Lights out; quiet time

More Details

I am excited to offer this spiritual retreat - your presence is welcomed with open heart and open arms

Sedona Spiritual Retreat Deposit


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This non refundable deposit holds my space for the Sedona Spiritual Retreat Sept. 26-29. The balance ($615) is due by August 29th. 

NOTE: Other forms of payment available including check, Venmo and Square by emailing Rhonda@evenbeing.com


Sedona Spiritual Retreat Balance due Aug. 29th


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is the final payment for your upcoming Spiritual Sedona Retreat. You can begin to prepare by allowing yourself a little (more) time for quiet, reflection and perhaps journaling. 

NOTE: Other forms of payment available including check, Venmo and Square by emailing Rhonda@evenbeing.com

If you are purchasing the queen bedroom, include additional $120.