Paint Pouring

A hands-on experience in the art of letting go!

All supplies included to create 2 8X10 pieces of art!  

We guide the process, yet it is your creation, and we clean up the mess! 

The experience of paint pouring invites you to select your colors, amounts and sequence. The results are never the same and always surprising. Just like life!

What is paint pouring?  It is a way of creating your very own masterpiece based on the colors that you like and select during the experience.  These colors are then mixed with a medium, and then they are poured into a cup creating layers.  This cup is  then placed on the canvas and the paint gently guided to move, covering the canvas.  Then we watch and wait to see what shows up... and what appears is always a surprise! 

Interested in a session?

Prices are per person, $45, 1-1.5 hour(s).