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Did you know that you can use breath to enter an altered state? And that from there, you can access and release that which no longer supports you? PLUS, you can use this approach to help guide decisions and access your intuitive wisdom

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Allow up to 2 hours for your first session, subsequence sessions are 75-90 minutes, schedule by clicking the button below and I will send you the forms to complete in advance.  You will not regret making this investment in yourself! 

Get to the Root

Integral Breath Therapy creates lasting changes because it gets to the underlying cause or root of the symptoms. This results in grounding, centering, balance and harmony, there is an increasing acceptance of self and then others, confidence is bolstered, the awareness of self deepens and deep wounds can be healed as healthy boundaries are established. 

Each Integral Breath Therapy Experience is Unique

Having guided, experienced or observed over 200 sessions, my observation is that each session is uniquely powerful and offers just what is needed at that time for that person. 

Breath accesses all four levels of our being for healing; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

We either respond to life with acceptance or resistance. If we accept, life flows. If we resist, frustrations build, patterns develop that we needed to cope at one time and no longer support us today. These patterns continue to influence us without our awareness. In the Western culture, many of us are emotionally repressed as we try to be socially correct and do not allow the energy of emotions to be expressed in words or actions. When this happens we restrict or hold the breath. 

When specific breathing patterns are used during a session, repressed feelings and physical reactions are released, allowing energy to flow more freely and insights to be received. 

Our physical body records all experiences, everything. Because breath detects changes before the mind processes the stimuli, it is a powerful tool to bypass the mind and tap into the innate healing wisdom of our physical body. Our body holds onto experiences at a deep level. These experiences, which are often patterns of response developed at a very early age to protect us, continue to influence our behavior, usually without conscious awareness of this influence. Integral Breath Therapy creates an ‘altered’ state so that our inner healer can emerge spontaneously

Is this for me?

Questions? What to find out if this is right for you? Call me at 602.315.3438 for a free consult! My training is with Carol Lampman, who has invested decades refining Integral Breath Therapy. These sessions are offered in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale area. 

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Integral Breath Therapy training provided by Carol Lampman.

Integral Breath Therapy training provided by Carol Lampman - she is a wonderful, knowledgeable and passionate teacher who has spent 30+ years developing this program. I am honored to now represent her teachings through these Integral Breath Therapy sessions. 

If you are interested in attending her training, click here.