One Day Intensive Retreat!

Journey to Yourself - January 18, 2020

Just in time to fully embrace 2020, take the journey into and to yourself for the day. Join me for an exciting and worthwhile day of powerful exploration in which you will begin the journey to full awareness and explore the person you really are. This experiential workshop uses the body mind connection as a process for personal growth and change. We will explore our vision for the future, exploring how to release long held blockages from the past in a beautifully connecting way - through our own sight. This is a vision board experience you have more than likely not experienced before. Along this journey, we will allow the images to guide us - diving deep and creating a harmonious experience through the mind, body and soul.

A safe environment, a caring and knowledgeable teacher and a retreat setting at the base of Camelback mountain will support you. Journey into a deeper understanding of your inner self and receive gifts of insight and healing plus intention setting for 2020.  

Explore powerful techniques for clearing and releasing patterns and emotions that are holding you back and create your vision for 2020:  

  • Learn conscious connected breathing techniques to release physical/emotional stress 
  • Create your visual image of that which you want to welcome now and into the year. (No art experience needed. :)) 
  • Explore the body, its blocks and boundaries, through movement exercises.
  • Discover and develop awareness of our emotions and how they affect us in our lives.
  • Look at how the mind works and how it can be used to make changes.
  • Open to the possibilities of living your life abundantly and experiencing it fully.

In this experiential workshop, we’ll journey deep into the source of healing, exploring and releasing self-imposed limitations and judgments as you clear the path to your full potential. We will celebrate and honor our journeys while we explore these paths to wholeness and soul fulfillment. We’ll find ways to renew our vitality and increase the feelings associated with love, joy and peace.

We will begin promptly at 11 AM and go until about 5pm. Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers. A light lunch will be provided; bring your own snacks and beverages if desired. Water provided. 

Energy Exchange: $159 | Partial scholarships available! 

**Early registration, prior to January 11th, $129



Please fill out the form and contact me below to reserve your space and/or ask questions you may have.