Customized Personal Retreats

Would you like to create a special outing with someone you care for? Don’t know where to start? The retreat menu of experiences makes it easy, fun and readily customized for you. 

We’re making it easy to create a day, or even a couple hours of experiences for you to share with one or more other people. All the experiences are offered in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, at our home, where I also see clients and offer sound immersions. Following is a list of possibilities. If you have additional ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll see what we can create together.


Menu of Experiences | Price Per Person

Yoga Nidra


Effortless meditation with customized intention using an ancient approach that you receive lying down. Easy, relaxing and when practiced regularly, reduces hormonal imbalances that are stress induced. For an additional $10, you can receive a recorded copy of your Yoga Nidra session for your use again and again. 

Up to 1 hour | $35 per person*

Paint Pouring


All supplies included to create 2 8X10 pieces of art!  We guide the process, yet it is your creation, and we clean up the mess! The experience of paint pouring invites you to select your colors, amounts and sequence. The results are never the same and always surprising.  Just like life!

1-1.5 hour | $45 per person*

Inner Child Exploration | Guided Imagery


We all have an inner child within us that was often overlooked, even if unintentionally. The childhood experiences, many that occurred before the age of reason, influence how we show up today.  The conditional patterns we developed were helpful at the time, and yet may no longer support us. Through Inner Child work we can begin to become aware of how our habits were shaped and begin to release into even more full expression of who we are. 

Up to 1 hour | $35 per person*

Customized Sound Immersion


Each experience is different and based on your preferences.  The sounds of pure quartz crystal bowls, a planetary gong, perhaps even an ocean drum or chime with spaces of silence will guide you into a state of balancing the entire nervous system as sound and vibration surround every cell of your being.

Up to 1 hour | $30 per person*

Yoga Class


Designed to meet the needs of you and your group.  All offerings focus on principles of energy release and movement in the body.  You pick what works for you from flow, to slow flow, to yin, to restorative and various combinations of these modalities.  Guided with attention to safety, foundational structure and always based on alignment of energy.

60-75 minutes | $30 per person*

Body Psychology | Yoga Therapy Group Class


Body Psychology or Yoga Therapy is a growing modality that releases energy blockages in your body, allowing you to experience a lighter way of being, and increased flexibility. It is a powerful practice and includes an integration at the end to allow the body to assimilate and balance.

1.5 hours | $40 per person*

Past, Present, Future Card Readings


We begin by asking you to bring to mind a current situation that you would like to receive some clarity on, or you can leave it to the cards to provide guidance in general. You will select from several options of spiritual cards including chakras, inner child, soul and Angel. The selection of three cards will be used to provide guidance into the situation or overall based on a linear timeline.

30 minutes | $20 per person*

Chakra Exploration


This can take many approaches including completion of a survey to illuminate, based on physical symptoms, where there is opportunity for chakra alignment. An overview of the chakras in written form in provided.  You can design an essential oil spray to support you towards alignment based on areas of focus. Another option is to be guided into poses that help open chakras. 

 1 hour | $35 per person

Plan Your Retreat

Contact me below to begin planning your personalized retreat! *NOTE: Pricing is per person and requires a minimum of two people.*