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Offering small group experiences in a private setting - 1st and 3rd Mondays

1st Mondays - 6-7 PM  Sound Immersion

3rd Mondays - 4:30-5:30 PM Yoga Basics

3rd Mondays - 6-7:30 PM Gong + Somatic Movement + Yoga Nidra 

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Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Sound Bath in Phoenix

Healing Sound Bath  6-7 PM - 1st Monday's  with gong & crystal singing bowls.  $15

Yoga Basics for Everyone  4:30-5:30 PM  June 17th     RSVP $12 per class. 

Pure ONENESS= Yoga Nidra+ Somatic Movement + Gong  6-7:30PM 

June 17th RSVP $20

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Weekly yoga in Phoenix classes at Metta Yoga- 

9 AM Mondays - Energy Flow, 

5:45PM  Tuesdays - Aerial Restorative + Nidra  

5:45 PM Thursdays - Restorative + Nidra, 

12:30 PM Friday - Restorative, 

9AM Saturday  Aqua Yoga.  

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Yoga Therapy/ Body Psychology Sessions Now Available

Yoga therapy, body psychology, private sessions

New Offering!

Body Psychology or Yoga Therapy is a powerful way to connect with your body, release subtle energy blocks held as beliefs and impressions, and reduce stress while increasing energy. This allows you to live more and more from balance and internal steadiness. 

Can you recall Mr. Rogers asking children where their emotions went? If they were sad and they didn’t allow themselves to cry, where did the sadness go?  If they were angry and they didn’t express it, where the anger go?  If they felt disappointed and said it was “okay”, where did the disappointment go?  He told the children those emotions had to go somewhere?  But where?

The emotions we don’t acknowledge, process, and move through and let go of don’t just disappear as Mr. Rogers pointed out.  They are held on to by our bodies and get trapped and lay hidden until our bodies can no longer hold onto our secret hurts. Our bodies get our attention by pain, stiffness, tightness and achiness.

The tightness in the chest could be trapped grief. Pain in the lower back could be years of not feeling supported and secure. Weakness in a wrist could be long held onto unforgiveness. Our bodies love us and want us to be healthy. These trapped emotions cause us to be unhealthy. These aches and pains can be signals from bodies that these emotions need to released for a state of health to be restored.

Yoga therapy uses gentle guided movements and positions designed to help the body  release these trapped emotions. The poses/movement are like little door openers that allow the emotions to escape their captivity. The yoga therapist helps the client’s body to do what it longs to do but cannot do without help - “ be free”.  The yoga therapist and the client work together to invite greater health and freedom to the client’s body by releasing the energy held within these trapped emotions. As this energy is then freed, it can be used to heal the body. The gift of yoga therapy is restored peace and a sense of well-being in the body. 

During the private one-on-one session, the yoga therapist will facilitate and guide the experience based specifically on the needs of the receiver. The receiver communicates when the movement is enough, and where the body is feeling the movement. As the receiver, the opportunity is to relax and be with what shows up in sacred space being held just for you. While each session and experience is different, following the session people report that they feel lighter, with more energy, relaxed, and with a restored sense of peace and being at ease with what appears. 

A series of sessions is suggested to help release deep seated trauma and holding. 

This approach is available to all, including those with limited mobility. Wear non restrictive clothing.

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Testimonials from Yoga Therapy recipients

I made more progress in a single session than in the past three years of on/off counseling.  DW

Hello Yoga Therapy! I had an unbelievable experience with Rhonda this afternoon. .... The movement, meditation, and energy combination was so therapeutic. I'm highly anticipating the next session and was so very grateful for this time.   ~ David 

Rhonda’s Yoga therapy provided a safe environment to “notice”; notice my body’s response to posing, notice held areas of tension, notice what happens with relaxation, and notice my thoughts and feelings.  I further appreciated the opportunity to then verbally process these noticings with the quiet Presence that Rhonda provides.  Truly an amazing experience!  ~ Kim 

Just wanted to say how much better I felt throughout the day. A lot more light and positive. Thank you!  ~Jordyn 

Yoga therapy was a very calming and relaxing time for me. Rhonda’s directions and continued rapport throughout the session were simple and easy to understand. I experienced a neat “  mental buzz “ towards the end of my session that left me feeling quite refreshed. And the session had me feeling physically better  as well. I look forward to some future yoga therapy  !  ~ Dave  

First time clients - contact me to determine if this is a good fit to support your goals.

offerings to cultivate peace & spaciousness

inner attunement


first experience offered at 50% off - $30!  emerging from a deep resonance with the ancient practice of yoga Nidra, the vibration of crystal singing bowls, and the energy of movement and stillness, rhonda’s one-on-one experiences are created to meet the needs of you….at that moment. the 50 minute or longer experiences can be deeply restorative, or more therapeutic, depending on your needs and innate knowing.  this is for you if you are looking to:

  • connect body, mind and spirit 
  • align the energy centers within your being 
  • experience profound relaxation and restoration 
  • minimize the impact of stress - help to reduce cortisol and increase serotonin 
  • attune in to that which you already are – God/Source/Love & experience Presence 
  • release blocked and frozen energy so you can feel fully and allow emotions to move through you )
  • heighten your capacity for life to be a meditation in motion 

customized  individual experiences may include Reiki, Yoga Nidra, Meditation in Motion, Spiritual Direction, Yoga Therapy, and Crystal Singing bowls, 

 each is carefully designed to provide moments for stillness and experiencing the even beings we are designed to be 

based on feedback from several private sessions, the experience helps people move to that state of ease where they are fully present and worries and concerns fade away. One person described it as moving into a void where it felt like all had melted away and a deep sense of peace prevailed.  


also available are experiences created  to meet the needs of your circle - lasting a couple of hours to a weekend

i collaborate with a community of incredible gifted people who offer specific experiences and often join with them to develop just what you need now 

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spiritual direction/deep listening


  ‘Be still and know that I…am God’ continues to beckon me back to the seat of listening and being present to the Presence. It is an honor to be part of the spiritual practice that helps others uncover their God essence, their True Self. as you are held in a space of deep listening through spiritual direction, you can relax into the brilliant light that you already are while discerning what is there, waiting to be seen, to be unearthed and embraced.    

spiritual direction is part of the practice offered; my approach is to meet you where you are, recognizing we show up different each time. you may be ‘ready to go’ or perhaps guided breath with relaxation is helpful to come into a bit of stillness and Presence. I offer a tranquil presence during spiritual direction, integrative wellness coaching, and yoga Nidra (a sleep & conscious based guided meditation that is deeply connecting and restorative),  all refined through yogic training and  supported by the intention of cultivating peace, moment by moment.    

my personal spiritual direction journey began over 20 years ago during a time of increasing awareness of the importance of having a guide to help see God/Source/Higher Power within my life path. 

I am an ongoing student of spiritual practices, including those of the yogic tradition, that encourage peace, connection and transformation, and offer these practices in various modalities.   

guided meditation/ yoga Nidra


  yoga Nidra is an ancient, sleep & consciousness based guided meditation practice. a 9 minute reset in the middle of the day can do wonders.  and a longer yoga Nidra practice has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation and awareness. in this place, you can experience profound rest and restoration, moving towards the full essence of you.    

many who regularly practice meditation describe yoga Nidra as a way to go deeper faster.  yoga Nidra can take you to the experience of that pristine state where you can rest in an effortless state of being.    

yoga Nidra meditation can also help address and sometimes treat a range of symptoms, from insomnia to anxiety, physical pain and depression.    during a 55 minute session, you will start with gentle movement and breath work, and then move to comfortable position, laying down or seated. props are provided to allow you to feel fully supported and so your body can rest comfortably. 

then the practice of yoga Nidra  begins, followed by a short debrief of your experience.   the Nidra session can be recorded and shared via a private YouTube link for an additional fee.