"Rhonda" Self-discovery Guide

Self-Discovery Companion - Helping You Find YOUR Answers



Leveraging 20+ years of corporate success, Rhonda now supports and assists clients in self-discovery. These processes include self-development tools for personal growth and stress management, as well as addressing body/ somatic complaints and releasing stress.  This work asks the client to show up ready to allow changes to happen based on physical, mental or emotional blocks. The work Rhonda guides is about letting it go and letting it out, not figuring it out.

She has personally experienced the stress of running her own consultancy for 10 years, leading teams in corporate settings with demanding and often conflicting expectations, and balancing being a single mom of two young children. Rhonda offers this work because she knows it works, and has experienced the benefits directly, and credits much of her financial and other success to these practices. She is passionate about helping people find balance and harmony within themselves, reducing stress and anxiety levels, and inviting all into a more peaceful way of being. 

Rhonda’s success as a professional leader due to these practices, as well as MBA and BS degrees. She is E-RYT 500 certified to teach through the Yoga Alliance, having taught over a 2000 hours of classes, and is also Master Certified in Yoga Nidra (focused guided meditation/ mindfulness), plus holds Yoga Therapy and Integral Breath Therapy certifications.  She also assists in training students of these modalities. 

Rhonda is a former marketing, product development and management leader with 20+ years experience including consumer packaged goods, a $100 MM company start-up, her own strategic marketing consultancy and guiding a client on-site team at one of company’s larger accounts.  Due to her passion for supporting people to find another way to live, she left corporate in 2016 to have more flexibility to offer these effective and life-changing approaches to people.